BritNerf events take place all across the UK

BritNerf events are run by community members, for community members, and anybody else that enjoys flinging foam. Our events range from family-friendly, accessible events to more tactical high FPS events.

Family Friendly

Many of our community games are aimed at family fun. With lower velocity limits (typically 100-130fps) and catering for ages 8+. Games are usually simple and frantic making them suitable for all ages and abilities

High FPS

High FPS events are generally aimed at older players. Games are usually longer and involve multiple objectives which requires more tactical gameplay. Engagements are often over a greater distance so it is a good opportunity for folk to use more powerful blasters

Below is a list of some of the community events around the UK. Follow the links to find out more.

Grim up Nerf


Foam Dart Thunder


Games of Foam


Great Western Nerf Club


Nerf Shack


Bristol Blast


Foam Flinger


Foam Fest

Nerf Convention